Executive Board



Alvaro Mello (Brazil) 

Vice President

Vera Boscatte (Brazil)

Executive Director

Marcelo Fiszner (Brazil)

Financial Director

Armando Dal Colletto (Brazil)



Roberto Daniel Ballon (Peru)


Labor Matters

Wolnei Ferreira (Brasil)


International Relations

Andrea Acuña (Costa Rica) 

Fiscal Board


Alvaro Jorge (Brazil)

Fernando Lima (Brazil)

Otávio Carvalho (Brazil) 

Founders and Former Board Members 


Sonia Boiarov (Argentina)


Andrew Gaudes (Canada)


Alvaro Mello (Brazil)


Wendy Spinks (Japan)


Pascale Peters (Netherlands)


Karsten Gareis (Germany)


Diana Limburg (United Kingdom)


Beverly Leeds (United Kingdom)


Lefki Papacharalambous (Greece)


Svein Bergum (Norway)


Jasper Lim (Netherlands)


Paul Jackson (United Kingdom)


Reima Suomi (Finland)

Former Presidents


Paul Jackson

1995 / 2002  (United Kingdon)


Wendy Spinks

2003/ 2012 (Japan)


Sonia Boiarov

2012/2019 (Argentina)

Especial Advisers


Simone Basile (Brazil) 


Simone Metello (Brazil)


Eduardo Schneider (Brazil)


Clarice Kobayashi (Brazil)


Antonio Gaspar (Brazil)


Dulce Perdigão  (Brazil)


Joselma Oliveira (Brazil)


Sumaya Neves (Brazil)


Luis Otavio Camargo Pinto (Brazil) 


Joaquim Campos (Brazil)


Claudinei Santos (Brazil)


Alvaro Jorge (Brazil)


Juliana Gentile (Brazil)


Herlaynne Segura (Colombia)


Sonia Boiarov (Argentina)


Marcia Kitz (Brazil)


Paulo Teles (Brazil)


José Antonio Malheiro (Brazil)


Silvio Olivo (Brazil)


Cristian  Salazar (Chile)


Lucineide Cruz (Brazil)



Our members

According to the ITA Strategic and Organizational  Planning, there are two categories of membership:

Full members(chapters)


The ITA’s members consist of one national leading institution on   remote work and work transformation of a continent or geographic region.

Qualifications /criteria for membership to join the ITA:


  • Public registration


  • Strategic planning 


  • Annual budget and sources of funding


  • Organizational structure 


  • Governance procedures


  • Bylaw

Affiliated members


A professional involved with remote work and work transformation from a continent or region where no institution currently exists as a full member may be considered by the ITA board of directors for affiliation , provided he can demonstrate independence, substantial representation of practitioners in his country, integrity of brand and reputation and commitment to join with other neighboring countries to form a chapter for his geographic region or continent.

Qualifications/Criteria for membership:


  • Curriculum vitae 


  • Reasons and purposes to join ITA


  • Plan of action 


  • Official personal documents