Challenging Goals 

© 2020 International Work Transformation Academy


Strengthen ties between the international teleworking/remote working research communities.


Facilitate exchanges between academic researchers, business professionals and public policy makers. 


An International Telework Research Workshop to be held under the auspices of the Academy.


Centralizing the receipt of proposals to join ITA and also inviting other institutions to join.  


Improve internal and external communication (blog, networks, magazines, press, newsletters; contracts, virtual office in English and Spanish).


Research work on sustainable teleworking, on the Global Study.


Disseminate news about ITA at events, as representatives of ITA.  


Allocate a certain percentage of the revenue from research work done on behalf of ITA to support its costs. 


Develop ITA’s own products for remote work as indicators of success and implementation performance.  


Expand and consolidate the ITA chapters: Africa, Oceania, North America, Europe , Asia and Middle East.


Engage professionals, entrepreneurs, network executives, practitioners and academics from around the world.


Reconstruct the ITA strategy in terms of how to communicate the concept of work in modern society.


Initiate a change in mentality regarding the conceptualization of remote work in Society 4.0.


Recreate a new center of innovation and knowledge in the area of new work environments.


ITA – Paving the way for the future. 


Establish new institutional goals.  


Promotion of research in the field of telework and other new forms of work.

© 2020 International Work Transformation Academy

Thinking About the future  

What intellectual developments have marked the evolution of remote work(telework) research over the past two decades, especially during and beyond 2020(Covid-19)?


How should remote work (telework) management be understood in a world characterized by pandemics and its consequences (quarentine, lockdowns, economic and social impacts, business continuity?


Which areas of literature offer the most fruitful avenues for today’s research in response to one of the largest pandemics in world history( Covid-19) ?


How organizations around the world took the necessary steps with the adoption of remote work to mitigate this pandemics and safeguard jobs ?


How companies assess the return to operations to the new normal in the post-pandemic and reconsidered their ways of living and working?


How far have we come in integrating perspectives on virtual working, workplace redesign and mobile working into remote work discussions? 


How should remote work (telework) concepts is focused in a new global work in the Digital Age? 


How are developments in Internet-related technology impacting the remote work (telework) agenda concerned with home-based entrepreneurship? 


How do international differences in the nature of remote work (telework) developments (and enabling technology) affect the research challenges for remote work (telework)? 


What other practical questions might academic researchers help to address after the pandemics(Covid-19)?


What key technologies are affecting the design of work and workplaces design? In what ways? 


What issues do today’s managers face in creating joined-up approaches to workplace design (e.g. HR, Facilities, IT and business managers)? 


What policy issues do governments face in dealing whit phenomena engendered by technology-enabled flexible (e.g. new commuting habits, off shoring, communications infrastructure)? Are they collecting the right statistics? 


What are the key management challenges in creating technology-enabled, modern workplaces (e.g. in management methods, performance metrics, staff training and change management)? 


What specific subjects are being researched by academics related to sustainable remote work and its contribution in rural and suburban areas to diminish CO2 emissions?


How are the consequences of the pandemic, globalization, technology and communication changing the direction of professional careers, salary levels, the structure and functioning of organizations and the work( remote work)?