Events and Sponsors


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This unique annual event due to its academic characteristics takes place every year in a different country, alternating between Europe and Latin America since 2010.


2019 – Spain (Especial Event)
2018 – Bolivia  
2016 – Peru 
2015 – United Kingdom
2014 – Colombia
2013 – Netherlands
2012 – Costa Rica
2011 – Greece
2010 – Argentina
2009 – Finland
2008 – Poland
2007 – Norway
2006 – Canada
2005 – England
2004 – Greece
2003 – Brazil
2002 – Spain
2001 – Netherlands
2000 – Sweden
1999 – Japan
1998 – Finland
1997 – Netherlands
1996 – United Kingdom




Sponsors of EVENTS held 


Workshops and Congress Guidelines


The ITA holds a world workshops and conferences on Telework and Work Transformation every year. Reflecting its international origins and concerns the event can be presential or online or, both, supported by its member countries.


Based on the Guide on How to Organize an ITA Conference, the following guidelines are to be considered by the Board of Directors for host organizers concerning our conferences:


  • Logistics considerations


  • Dates, schedule and deadlines


  • Evaluation of host organizers potential


  • Organizational aspects: committees, conference organizational structure, flow chart of the conference process organization


  • Conference format: content and themes


  • Conference home page


  • Operational and financial feasibility: economic and financial feasibility, administrative topics, ITA Assignment Agreement


Potential Participants


Professionals - Consultants, counselors, mentors. 

Official policy makers - Regional, national and national government institutes. The Ministry of Labor and similar bodies. 


Academic members - Universities with centers of researchers  on the new work modalities in a changing society in the different countries, independent researchers and teachers. Business Schools private companies, Training Centers and professional associations  and institutions interested in new ways of working. Unions, training institutes, Development Economic and Centers.